Solar Energy Azle, TX

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Apart from being the most abundant source of energy, solar power is also the cheapest. Over the last 5 years, the cost of solar energy in Texas has reduced by 38%. By the second quarter of 2020, there were over 5.5 GW of solar panel systems in Texas. The state has a projected growth of almost 15 GW over the next 5 years. 

Azle, TX, has not been left behind in solar energy installation. The city has a conducive environment with over 6 hours of peak sun hours for fixed solar panels. Dual-axis and single-axis solar panels can harness more energy because they can adjust to the sun’s movement. This means that solar panels can harness at least 1,000 kWh of energy per square meter. According to Best Places, Azle, TX, has at least 230 days of sunny days every year. Therefore, it is possible to go off-grid with energy storage batteries.

Solar installation in Azle, TX, should take around a week for homes after the agreement. At Dynamic, we give you a free solar quote that estimates the size of a solar panel system for your home or office. After that, we do a solar design that optimizes your roof. We consider roof orientation and angle factors to determine the solar panel system that can sustain your premises. As solar panel efficiency increases, the size will keep reducing.

At Dynamic solar, we strive to help our customers go solar in Azle, TX. Our team of solar installers has all it takes (experiences and licenses) to install solar panels. Whether you want a roof or ground-mounted solar panel system, we’ve got you covered.

What is the Cost of Solar Energy in Azle, TX?

Does solar energy make economic sense? Will my business save from going solar in Azle, TX? What is the cost of solar panels in Azle, TX? These are some of the most concerns for homeowners and businesses. The primary motivation for solar installation in residential and commercial properties is savings. The average price of solar panels in Azle, TX, is $2.8 per watt.

No one likes the feeling of parting with at least $120 monthly to pay for electricity bills. Cumulatively, this can amount to more than $1,500 and $15,000 in a year and decade, respectively. The amount you have spent on solar energy over the last 10 years is enough to install a solar panel system in Azle, TX.

If you were to go solar today, you would get rid of the recurrent electricity bills. The payback period for an average solar panel system (5-6 kW) is approximately 8 years, with a lifespan of about 30 years. Therefore, you will enjoy free energy from the sun for more than 20 years after the payback period.

6 kW Solar panel for homes:

Gross solar panel cost: 6,000 × 2.8 = $16,800 (consider installation costs and other solar accessories)

(-) Investment tax credit: 16,800 × 26% = $4,368

Net solar panel cost: 16,800 – 4,368 = $12,432

50 kW Solar panel for commercial properties:

Gross solar panel cost: 50,000 × 2.8 = $140,000

(-) Investment tax credit: 168,000 × 26% = $36,400

Net solar panel cost: 140,000 – 36,400 = $103,600

The Best Solar Panel Company in Azle, TX

What should you consider when choosing a solar installer in Azle, TX? Currently, there are close to 500 solar companies in Texas. Choosing the best solar panel supplier and service provider can prove a hard nut to crack. The list of companies you get after searching for “solar energy installers near” can be overwhelming. Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider to select the best.

Reliable services: Solar panel installation in Azle, TX, is a long-term project. Therefore, you should go for a company whose reputation is unquestionable. At Dynamic SLR, we have worked with hundreds of clients across Texas, and we have delivered satisfactory results consistently.

Quality products: For maximum durability, you should go for the best solar panels, inverters, and energy storage batteries. We source our products from the top brands in the world. Our long-term warranties are a guarantee of durability.

Expertise: Can the company deliver what they promise? At Dynamic, we provide nothing short of what is on paper. You can count on us for a replica of the solar design that you choose for your property.

As a locally-based solar installer, we understand all the dynamics of solar energy in Azle, TX. Whether it is the weather, roof orientation, and angle, we’ve got you covered.