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The cost of electricity in Atascocita, TX, is approximately $0.114 per kWh. In a month, most homeowners pay more than $1,500 every month for electricity bills. Do you know you could save this amount by installing solar panels? The amount you have spent on utility bills over the last 10 years is enough to install for a solar panel system.

Are you also concerned about environmental conservation for future generations? Do you want to keep up with the current technological trends in the energy sector? Solar power has the answer to all these questions. You can be part of the change in the fight against environmental pollution. There are projections that global temperature could rise by 2 degrees Celsius by 2050. To avert this, we must halve the current carbon footprint. The United States has an average of about 19 metric tons per person, which is way above the the global average. 

You can install solar panels in Atascocita, TX, and reduce your carbon footprint today. Dynamic SLR offers free solar quote to help you start your journey to clean, renewable, and cheaper energy. But what is the cost of solar energy and how can you foot the capital? Keep reading. 

Cost of Solar Panels in Atascocita, TX

The approximate solar panels’ price in Atascocita, TX, is $2.8 per watt. The cost of solar panels for solar panels could be lower for commercial installations because of the discounted mass purchases.

For our case, we will take a 6 kW solar panel system to estimate the total cost. Most homes can rely entirely on this size and go off-grid. Of course, with energy storage batteries as backup for use at night and during cloudy days. However, it is essential to note that solar panels can retain a considerable capacity (up to 25%) when the weather is not favorable. Some of the factors which may affect the size of a solar panel system include: 

  • Roof angle and orientation
  • Present consumption
  • Future plans
  • Availability of incentives.

Where should your solar panels face for maximum exposure to the sun? Your solar panels should face south to ensure optimum energy harnessing in Atascocita. Fixed panels receive around 7 hours of peak hour sun daily. You can improve the exposure using the double-axis solar tracking. This means that the solar panels can track the sun’s rays and adjust accordingly to increase the energy that hits them. Sun peak hours mean that the solar panel system receives at least 1,000 kWh of energy per square meter. 

Most homes pay the utility companies at least $1,500 every month. Your accumulated electricity expenses for 10 years are enough to install a 6 kW solar panel system in Atascocita, TX. Currently, the federal government provides ITC at 26% of the total cost. However, the rate will be reduced to 22% in 2021, after which it will be scrapped for residential properties. Commercial solar energy installations will get a permanent 10% ITC.


16,800 × 26% = 4,368

16,800 – 4,368 = 12,432

Benefits of Solar Energy in Atascocita

There was a reason Thomas Edison had vouched for solar energy even before it gained any popularity. The renowned American inventor advised the world not to wait for coal depletion before utilizing solar energy. But have we gained any progress since then? Although solar power makes up 2% of global energy consumption, stats show that it will be the primary energy source by 2050. 

Consequently, the industry will create more jobs for installers, salespeople, engineers, assemblers, among other fields. According to EESI. The industry has over 240,000 employees in the United States at the moment. Globally, the industry has created over 11 million jobs. As projections show, the industry will make at least 34% of the energy sources. More people will get jobs in the sector. 

The world risks 2 degrees Celsius increase in temperature if nothing is done about global warming. One of the primary contributors to environmental pollution is the energy industry. Coal and petroleum are some of the fuels which pollute the environment. On the other hand, solar energy as an alternative provides a better solution to reducing greenhouse emissions. 

Solar power has also led to innovations in various industries. Some of the beneficiaries include the transport, internet, and sports sector. 

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Apart from solar panels, we also supply quality solar accessories like inverters, batteries, cables, and brackets. We have a team of committed solar installers who swing to action once you sign to start the transition process. Dynamic SLR ensures your property’s safety and keep all the items safe as we prepare for the installation. 

We also seek to answer all the questions you have about solar installation in Atascocita, Tx. If you have any of these queries, you can contact us for an elaborate answer

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