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Over the last 5 years, the cost of solar energy in Texas has dropped by 38%. On contrary, the rates of electricity have remained almost the same over the same period. On average, Texans pay approximately 11.5 cents for every kWh unit of electricity. SEIA shows that homeowners in Anna, TX pay utility providers about $130 for electricity bills.

An average home in Anna uses around 1,176 kWh of electricity every month. Cumulatively, the amount you spend in a year on utility bills is more than $1,500. When we compare the amount you spend on electricity and the cost of solar installation in Anna, TX, solar energy is a bargain.

Dynamic SLR is your go-to solar panel installation company if you want a seamless transition from conventional electricity. Out of around 200 solar panel installers in Texas, there is a reason we stand out. We are renowned for our impeccable services and quality solar panels in Anna, TX.

We source our solar panels from top brands and solar suppliers in Anna, TX. Our long term warranties are a quality guarantee. You can also count on us for solar panel accessories like inverters, energy storage batteries, and cables. Our experienced installers handle the process with professionalism and guide you in every step. Our free solar quote helps you to make an informed decision to go solar in Anna, TX. Apart from that, we also help you apply for all solar incentives you are eligible for. We can also guide you through permit acquisition to avoid any friction with authorities.

The Cost of Solar Panels in Anna, TX

How much do solar panels cost? This is a concern for most homeowners and businesses before solar installation. How can I finance solar panel installation in Anna, TX? Because we understand all these concerns, our approach is to make the transition smooth and help you save some bucks.

The price of solar panels in Anna, TX, is approximately $2.8 per watt. Although the rate will keep decreasing, the current 26% federal government investment tax credit is a motivation for homeowners and businesses. The solar incentive can reduce the solar panel system’s total cost by thousands of dollars, as we will see in a while.

For our case, we will use a 7 kW solar panel system for illustration. The cost before any incentives can be approximately $19,600.  You should deduct the 26% ($5,096) federal tax credit from the total cost, which you receive after installation. Therefore, the net cost after the deduction is around $14,504. Here are the calculations:

7,000 × 2.8 = 19,600

19,600 × 26% = 5,096

19,600 – 5,096 = 14,504

Considering that the cost of electricity in Anna, TX, for a year is around $1,500, it would take less than 10 years to pay back for the solar installation. At Dynamic SLR, we can connect you with solar energy financing companies in Anna, TX, to make the transition easier. You can opt for solar leases, loans, or PPAs.

Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy in Anna, TX

On average, every American contributes close to 20 metric tons of carbon footprint annually. This is almost 5 times higher than the global average, which is approximately 4 metric tons. Recently, green energy advocacy as alternatives to coal and petroleum has gained momentum to lower emissions. 

Apart from solar power, other renewable energy options are wind and nuclear energy. Wind power requires a lot of capital to install, while nuclear energy is still in its initial mass production stages. The adverse effects of nuclear energy in case of any irresponsibility have also led to its slow reception. Solar power is the most suitable alternative for non-renewable energy, considering all these factors. It does not pollute the environment right from installation to usage.

The sun hits the earth with 430 quintillion joules of energy every hour. The power is enough to run the world for more than a year. You can play your part by tapping the enormous power of the sun and save the environment for future generations. Some projections show temperatures could rise by up to 2°C if we do not halve our carbon footprint.

Contact Dynamic SLR today for solar panel installation in Anna, TX. We’ve several years of experience helping Anna residents go solar and say goodbye to the utility providers. The savings you make every year are also a motivation. Gain energy independence now; install solar panels on your roof in Anna, TX.