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Solar energy is a foreign concept to many. If you’re thinking about transitioning into solar energy in Allen, Texas – you may have more questions than you think. A lot goes into the installations of solar panels and a solar energy system. But as a homeowner, we think you’re more likely to ask questions regarding your return on investment, overall cost, and the benefits of transitioning to solar energy. We’ve been around the block quite a few times, and we want to make sure that Allen, TX homeowners understand the advantages of switching to solar energy in 2020. We’ve received a ton of questions in the past – and in this article, we will breakdown and answer each question with our humble experience and knowledge.

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So here are the top five questions we’ve received in the past – let us know what you think.

The Most Common Solar Energy Questions

Are Solar Energy Remodeling Projects Expensive? Is it really worth it?

The price of solar panels and energy systems in Allen, Texas is different for different homeowners. The cost of a solar energy system depends on a number of factors. The first being how many panels you want to install and the correlating energy system you want to combine with the solar panels. A solar energy storage system can also affect the cost.

However, there are a multitude of local and state incentives, alongside a federal tax credit to incentivize solar energy installation in Allen, Texas. Also, as one of the best solar companies in all of Allen, Texas- we create a compatible design and proposal  that you can afford before we add in any incentives that Allen, Texas can provide.

What maintenance will my solar energy system need in Allen, Texas?

Seeing how Allen, Texas receives a lot of sunlight, it is essential that we do annual checkups on your solar panel system to ensure that it is harvesting maximum energy daily. At Dynamic SLR, we prep your roofing and remove any tree growth to prevent any inefficiency of your solar panels.

We also offer annual cleanings to ensure that your panels are looking nice and clean – in order to get maximum efficiency. If you’re looking for a solar energy company in Allen, Texas that will take you from A-Z, Dynamic will help you through every step of your renewable energy journey.

What does your warranty cover?

Solar energy is one of the industries that has warranties that last a quarter of a century. We have solar suppliers in Allen, TX who offer the best (and most cost-efficient) warranties in the market. Generally, you’re looking at a 25-year bumper-to-bumper warranty that protects your panels from any sort of damage. In Allen, Texas- we make sure you get the maximum value from solar energy investment. If you’re looking for the exact details of these warranties and what they cover, contact us for additional details.

How long does a normal solar energy system take to install?

After your consultation, detailed design creation, and proposal- Dynamic SLR starts the residential or commercial solar energy installation in Allen, Texas. The first step is to apply for any solar incentives in Allen, Texas might- as well as the Federal Tax Credit. From there, we get the right permits and licenses necessary to begin the installation of solar panels on your roof. Once all the paperwork is ready, the installation takes roughly a week. The installation is also scheduled at your convenience.

Should I get a battery? (Energy Storage System)

As a solar company in Allen, Texas, Dynamic would highly recommend that you install an energy storage system alongside your solar panel system. One thing that Allen, Texas homeowners don’t know when they transition to solar is this; you still pay for energy from the utility providers at night. Yes, you do get credit from your utility providers for any energy you don’t use that you have produced during the day. However, if you would like full energy independence, and reduce your energy costs to $0, having an energy storage system is the right choice.

By having an energy storage system, any energy that you don’t use during the day is stored in batteries, which will then power your home throughout the night. Over the months of saving this energy, you will never have to rely on utility providers ever again. On top of that, you have a backup that can power your Allen, Texas home during times of emergency or when there are random rolling-blackouts. Having an energy storage system also increases the value of your home and makes your property run on a complete renewable energy resource.

Solar energy in Allen, Texas is becoming a trend. By 2022, there will no longer be a federal tax credit to utilize anymore. The best time to switch to solar is now and if you’re looking for one of the best solar companies in all of Allen, Texas to help you, Dynamic SLR is here for you. We make transitioning to solar energy in Allen, Texas easy and stress-free.

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