Solar Appreciation Day: How you should celebrate it

Worldwide, on the second Friday in March, people celebrate Solar Appreciation Day. During this day, you can learn more about solar technology. Granted, this is something you can learn any day. However, during the appreciation day, there is an emphasis on solar energy’s importance, independence, and sustainability it brings.

There are many benefits of the sun. The sun takes center stage from warming the seas to stirring up the atmosphere or generating weather patterns. The sun also gives energy to plants giving people and animals food. Did you know the sun releases serotonin, a chemical that cheers you up? Apart from making you happy, solar energy is at the center of green energy discussion. We will look at how you should celebrate this day. Let’s begin.

Learn about Advantages of Solar

One of the things you can do during Solar Appreciation Day is to learn about the advantages of energy. You can also research more on the topic to have a broader understanding. Solar power is praised for providing clean and sustainable energy. It is also reliable, and it lowers the cost of electricity for homes and businesses alike. Installing solar energy also gives businesses a chance to enjoy tax cuts or rebates. Also, using solar power exempts you from price and demand fluctuations. 

Did you know that fossil fuels negatively impact the environment in pursuit to power the world? They result in water pollution from spillage, harmful emissions even before they are burned, and global warming. However, solar power is clean energy because it does not harm the environment. The resource is also readily available in most parts of the globe, and it cannot be metered to cause a spike in prices. These are some of the facts that you can familiarize yourself with on Solar Appreciation Day. 

Use Your Social Media Pages to Post about Solar

Social media campaigns are potent tools to rally people behind a course. This disruptive technology changes the mode of information delivery. Businesses have gained growth and brand awareness by using these networking sites. Social media users have also created content that went viral by appealing to the masses. 

You can choose to use this platform to educate your followers on the benefits of solar energy. By highlighting the advantages of the solar power industry, you can reach your followers and more. The content can include animated videos. Benefits can consist of the job opportunities created through this industry, the availability of a sustainable source of power, and low utility bills for home and business owners. 

The day presents exciting opportunities for business championing solar energy. Through social media pages, companies can reach clients requesting selfies with captions on how best to celebrate the day. Posting fun quizzes with questions about solar energy can also be a fantastic and engaging way to raise awareness. Using fascinating pictures and flyers are also one way of celebrating the day. 

Hosting a Solar Cookout

One of the ways you can spread information is by hosting a solar cookout around your community. The theme can be centered around alternative sources of energy. In the event, people can cook using solar ovens to inform people about the benefits of solar around the community.

To make the day engaging, you can look at DIY designs for a solar cooker and involve everyone who attends the event. 

Participate in a Fun Run

For corporate social responsibility, the department can organize a fun run to occur during Solar Appreciation Day. This is a great activity that raises funds that can go to nature conservation activities. For this, ensure you choose a great location with people traffic. It can culminate in a school ground or stadium. In the venue, you can organize an exhibition to show solar energy products. Alone, you can mobilize your friends and family members to participate in the run.  During the event, you can educate them on the importance of clean energy.

Purchasing Solar-Powered Gadgets

Ultimately, nothing says you are pro-solar than equipping your house with solar energy. You will gain countless benefits from this single action. Such include gaining tax cuts and rebates, increasing your home’s value, lowering your power bill, and contributing to the green energy movement.

Apart from installing solar panels, you can also invest in buying solar gadgets to make your home eco-friendly. Such devices include outdoor lighting, smartwatches, garden robots or lawnmowers, laptop bags, chargers, and many more. 

Dynamic SLR can help you go solar and be an inspiration to other solar enthusiasts. We have the best solar panel products and services in Texas. Reach out to us and have a reason to celebrate Solar Appreciation Day.

Solar Appreciation Activities in Schools

Schools educate us on the challenges we face as a community. Therefore, it is essential for you as a teacher and educator to ensure you mark this day in your school. You can engage your students in performing various activities. They can range from decorating the classroom with solar ideas to writing essays about solar energy. 

Globally, we are faced with issues relating to energy. The ever-increasing need and demand for sufficient energy require a robust solution. Celebrating Solar Appreciation Day is one way of recognizing the solution it brings to this problem. When many people are aware of solar advantages, they make the switch to this permanent solution. As more people make the transit, it reduces the reliance on the national grid. 

Solar energy also plays a role in mitigating climate change. That said, you can pick up a few books on solar power and pore through as you celebrate this day. Alternatively, you can participate in outdoor activities such as hosting a cookout or competing in a fun run. Social media can also be an excellent way for you to raise awareness. You can take to your pages and create entertaining and educative content.