8 Reasons to Go Solar in Texas

You are on your way rushing to your house to watch the latest episode of your favorite series. You get to the house, but after switching on the lights, nothing! Utility companies have done it again. It is a power outage. Unfortunately, you did not get the notification that there is a scheduled “maintenance” within your area, and it will disrupt the power supply for 8 hours. You sit on the couch. Checking your phone, it is blinking red, 1% charge remaining. Can’t get any worse? You can say goodbye to all these inconveniences from electricity providers. Let’s look at other reasons to go solar in Texas.

Project Sunroof data explorer (November 2018) shows that Texas has solar eligibility of 90%. In simple terms, 9 out of every 10 properties in the state can go solar and enjoy free energy from the sun. Why is the region having less than 3% solar installation of all the eligible buildings?

Previously, the cost of solar energy was prohibitive for most businesses and homes. However, over the past 20 years, solar products and services prices have drastically gone down. Gone are the days when solar panel installation did not make economic sense. Currently, the cost of a solar panel system ranges between $10,000 and $40,000 for an average home in Texas.

Reasons Should Go Solar in 2020

If you are looking for the best time to go solar in Texas, the time is now. Here are the reasons why you should install solar panels on your property.

1. Federal Government Investment Tax Credit

When the government first announced the rolling out of solar ITC, solar energy cost drastically reduced. But this will not always be the case. The solar investment tax credit is set to reduce to 22% in 2021. In 2022, the federal government will scrap off solar incentives for residential properties, while utility projects will retain a permanent 10% ITC.

Currently, the average savings through the government incentives are in the thousands. Getting over $3,000 tax credit for a 3 kW solar system will not only save your family some finances, but it also reduces the project payback period. For solar utility projects, the federal government ITC can be thousands of dollars because you get a dollar-for-dollar.

Before the termination of the incentives, expect the usual last-minute rush. Therefore, it could mean you have to wait longer before the installation. And you could miss out on the deadline.

2. Bid Utility Bills Goodbye

Every month, you pay approximately $120 to the utility company for electricity. Though the amount may seem little, if you can calculate the cumulative utility expenses in a year or 5, you can realize how impactful the energy costs can be. You can go off-grid through energy storage system installation. Some batteries store enough power for use at night or during winter when peak sun hours are lower.

Texas has more than 5 hours of sun peak hours every day. The energy you can harness within the 5 hours is enough to run all your activities: heating, cooling, lighting, ironing, among others. If you don’t want to go off-grid, you can use a grid-tied system that supplies excess energy to the utility company for credit. In return, you get electricity from the provider at night or during seasons when sunlight is low. Solar savings and elimination of utility bills are the primary reasons to go solar.

3. Environmental Conservation

The full solar energy potential in Texas can eliminate 80 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. This would be equivalent to growing over 20 billion trees in 10 years. In a world where environmental pollution is becoming a major concern, this would be a major stride in the right direction. The world faces a major problem in averting the consequences of environmental pollution. With the current carbon footprint per capita (4 metric tons), the average global temperatures are set to increase by 2°C by 2050.

Unlike other electricity sources like coal and oil, solar energy does not emit any gases into the environment. As an alternative to conventional electricity, solar power can reduce fumes from energy power plants. Apart from that, solar energy uses little natural resources to produce electricity. On the contrary, sources like hydro-power require a lot of water to create electricity. More so, hydro-power also disrupts the ecological system through the construction of dams.

4. Increase the Value of Your Property

increaseThis is one of the primary reasons to go solar as a property seller. According to Zillow’s research, solar panel installation can increase the value of your property by up to 4.1%. The report shows that in some cities like New York, solar energy installation can increase a building’s price by more than $20,000. The average property appreciation is close to $10,000.

Sates are pushing for mandatory solar energy installation of all new buildings. Because solar panels can last for more than 30 years, home buyers are always willing to pay more for a solar energy-powered home.

There are no property taxes for any value increase as a result of solar panel installation. Therefore, you enjoy all the monetary benefits of selling a solar-powered home. You can also attract more potential clients if your property runs on solar energy. If your solar panel system is leased, you need not worry because you can transfer the contract.

5. No More Blackouts (Gain Energy Independence)

The dependence on utility companies can be a pain in the arse. Regular system upgrades can frustrate your plans if there is a power outage. Uncertainties from natural calamity disruptions can even be worse. You don’t know when the system will be restored after such interruptions.

Solar energy gives you independence from such inconvenience. You can say no more blackouts if you go solar and install energy storage batteries. The sun will still rise after natural disasters, which may affect your solar panel system. Therefore, you can contact solar installers immediately for the repair of the system if it was affected.

You can also determine the energy you want to harness for your home or business without worrying about future electricity bills.

6. Build Business Reputation

Environmentalists prefer renewable energy-powered businesses over conventional electricity-run businesses. You can target customers who like green energy. It also shows sensitivity to environment conservation, which is an essential corporate responsibility. Consumers tend to reward companies that act responsibly and seek the good of the community. You can get loyal customers if you go solar and save the environment.

Employees are an integral part of the success of any business. If those who work in your company care about environment conservation, they can identify with your goals. Consequently, this boosts their morale and increases employee retention.

7. Create Employment

Out of every 78 jobs created in the USA, one comes from the solar energy industry. The sector employs over 240,000 people, according to EESI. The numbers will keep increasing as solar energy is expected to be the primary energy source by 2050. Globally, the industry employs more than 11 million people.

There are over 270 solar panel companies in Texas. These businesses have employed solar installers, assemblers, salespeople, engineers, customer care personnel, among others. You can be part of the solution to the challenge of unemployment, especially after the economic disruption by COVID-19. Because solar companies employ the locals, you can install solar panels and spur the industry’s growth to employ more people.

8. Cushion on Future Electricity Hikes

According to Compare Power, the average price of electricity per kWh in 2019 was 11.67. The cost of electricity is expected to increase as has been the case over the last 10 years. With these uncertainties, you could pay more than you are paying for your electricity consumption in the years to come.

On the other hand, the cost of solar installation will keep going down as manufacturers work on solar panels’ efficiency.  The decrease in solar energy will make more affordable than other renewable sources. After paying the initial cost of solar installation, you don’t have to worry about surging electricity bills.

There are numerous reasons to go solar in Texas today. Whether utility or residential installation, all projects gain considerably from solar energy. You can get in touch with us for a seamless transition from conventional electricity. As one of the best solar companies in Texas, we understand all the loops of the industry in your locality. You can count on us for everything solar, right from installation to supply of solar panels and other solar accessories.