The Beginner's Guide to Solar Energy

Renewable and Sustainable Energy with Solar Energy

Skill Level
20 Min

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What is solar energy?

Solar power is the most abundant source of energy in the world. Every hour, the earth receives 430 quintillion joules of energy- enough to last the whole world for a year. But have we tapped into the enormous energy from the sun? According to Our World in Data, solar energy contributes 2% of the global electricity consumption. The source has shown a steady increase over the years.

Solar energy is clean, renewable, and cheaper in the long run. The availability of solar incentives and financing makes it easier to go solar. Solar energy is a primary contributor to environmental conservation. It helps to avert the challenge of global warming, which is a worldwide concern. You can be part of the campaign to use green energy through solar installation. But before that, you should understand all the dynamics in the industry. Get ready for a fun-filled learning roller coaster full of discoveries, fascinating facts, and life-changing information.

Completing this solar energy course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Do you want to know how you can reduce or eliminate your electricity bills? Do you want to gain control over your electricity consumption and output? Are you concerned about environmental conservation and how you can be part of it? Are you looking for innovations in the energy sector? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this course is for you. We want to equip you with knowledge on how you can reduce electricity bills, conserve the environment, gain control over your electricity bills, and keep up with technology in the energy industry.

Solar Energy Learning Path

In today’s world, where humankind is facing scarcity of resources and depletion in electricity, solar energy hails as no less than a savior or at the very least, an alternative to a more stable life.

Solar Energy Concept

In this chapter, we will be discussing one such innovation, the Solar Panel, and all there is to know about it.

Solar Energy Panels

Solar storage batteries are a must-have if you want to gain full independence from the utility company. We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each and where its suits best. Read through!

Solar Batteries

Inverters maximize your solar panel system output. The gadgets also convert direct current to alternating current. Solar inverters also ensure your safety but that is not all! Let’s get started.

Solar Inverters

Should I do roof or ground solar mounting? We’ve evaluated each alternative and given its suitable circumstances. And more options too, apart from the two! You can’t miss this. 

Racking and Installation

Do you want to know the number of solar panels that your inverter can support optimally? In this chapter, we take you step by step through all the necessary calculations to know whether your system will function maximally. 

Panel System Guidelines

There are circumstances under which communal solar energy is the best option. But it usually comes with a lot of contractual terms which can fix you. Get to know what you are signing for before opting for communal solar. 

Communal Solar Use

Apart from cash solar financing, there are other options that can help you foot the initial capital. You can use PPAs, leases or loans. Get ready to learn more!

Solar Financing

After knowing the cost of solar panels, how can you foot for the capital? There are various methods custom-made to meet your needs. In this chapter, we elaborate of loans, cash, leases and power purchase agreements. 

Solar Energy Industry

Heat waves, storms, drought and floods are just some of the effects of climate change due to environmental degradation. But do we have any hope? Solar energy is one of the primary contributors to aversion of the climate deterioration. Read more and know how you can be part of the solution.

Solar Energy & The Environment

Let's Get Started!