10 Must-watch Solar Energy Movies

Through environmental education, you interact with and explore the problems affecting the environment. You also gain helpful insights into solving problems encountered daily. Also, you can make decisions that help the environment for your neighborhood and generations to come. One such issue that is addressed broadly is climate change. By watching solar energy movies, you are entertained and become aware of critical energy challenges ghostwriter online klausur.
Movies about renewable energy help you in how you think about the issue through the use of imagery. Generally, the films highlight the effects of climate change on food production. Ghostwriter Also, they show the catastrophic weather events that leave destruction in their wake. Movies also give helpful solutions in many communities across the globe to slow down climate change. We will look at various movies about solar power and other renewable energy sources that you can binge on. Let’s begin.

The Best Solar Energy Movies

1. Carbon Nation (2010)

Director Peter Byck brings an in-depth documentary about the growing carbon footprint. The film captures witty and informative interviews from experts, supporters of green energy, and others. The cast features prominent faces such as Richard Branson, Van Jones, Thomas Friedman, and many more. They explore great community-based ideas supported by technology on how we can reduce our carbon footprint. 

The film informs the audience of the dire effects of the increasing CO2 in the atmosphere. Also, it shows practical examples from individuals using various methods to combat this problem. Additionally, it seeks to appeal to people who do not believe in climate change.

2. Garbage Warrior (2007)

This film centers on the life of architecture Mike Reynolds and Oliver Hodges directs it. It follows Reynolds as develops Earthship style homes. Hausarbeit schreiben lassen These are passive solar earth shelters made from natural and recycled materials. These buildings address six basic human needs: energy, garbage management, clean water, sewage treatment, food, clean water, and shelter.

As you watch the film, you will see his struggles with the existing laws in Taos, New Mexico, as he introduces radically sustainable housing. This is because the Earthships do not follow the structures of the local building codes.

3. 2040 (2019)

Climate change calls for practical and implementable solutions to solve this problem. The director of 2040, Damon Gameau, recognizes this fact and embarks on presenting these solutions. You will be entertained and informed on new approaches to address climate change as you watch this renewable energy documentary. 

In locations such as Bangladesh, he shows how rooftop solar is used to produce energy to power the community. Also, he explores how self-driving cars and ride-share can help urban areas through the promotion of green spaces. Most reviews point to the hopeful nature of the film as it focuses on changemakers giving viable solutions.

4. Catching the Sun

If you are looking for movies that solely focuses on solar energy, this is the one to watch. This 2015 documentary also premiered on Netflix, and Shalini Kantayya directed it. Its primary focus is the growth of the solar energy industry. It highlights input from various individuals in this transition. 

The changemakers cut across from unemployed workers in Richmond, activists, businesspeople in China, and white house advisers. This is an excellent movie to watch as it seeks to debunk the myth that clean energy sacrifices economic growth. It highlights the jobs created for thousands of Americans in Texas through solar products and solar installation. Catching the Sun is a story of hope that airs for 75 minutes.

5. An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

This documentary is high grossing and boasts of winning an Oscar. The film’s director, Davis Guggenheim, documents Al Gore, former United States president, as he educates people on the impact of global warming. The director adopts a slideshow presentation that Gore estimates he has shown over 1000 times to audiences.

In the film, Al Gore passionately addresses climate change aiming to alert the public on the increasing dangers of climate change. After opening the movie with his famous hilarious quote, “I am Al Gore. I used to be the next President of the United States”, the film takes a serious turn.

It depicts flow charts and detailed graphs of the current environmental challenges. Watching this movie fills you with a sense of urgency and nudges you to look for ways you can help combat this challenge.

6. Powerful: Energy for Everyone (2010)

use of solar energy

The movie starts by acknowledging the importance of energy to power our lives. This Canadian documentary was produced in 2010, and it explores renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. The film’s director David Chernushenko visits various communities globally to discover different energy sources. This movie shows you how many communities have embraced and adapted to renewable energy. You can watch this documentary on YouTube, Google Play, or Amazon Video.

This movie tends to prove to the skeptics that green energy solutions are realistic and possible to attain. If you are seeking to be convinced, this is a great movie to watch.

7. Switch: Discover the Future of Energy (2012)

As we have established, human beings need energy for their wellbeing, alleviating poverty, and economic growth. However, the global challenge is ensuring everyone has access to this vital resource. This film seeks to be non-partisan as it explores the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Harry Lynch directed this film, and it premiered in 2012. It has featured in various environmentally focused conferences. It also features Scott W. Tinker, a geologist. The film begins in Norway as it showcases its hydropower electricity system. Dr. Tinker then travels across the world to find out how the energy transition will look for the world.

The film sidesteps advocacy and focuses on giving a more rational viewpoint on the direction of the world. Also, it points out various solutions, such as solar and wind energy, to address this crisis. 

8. Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution

Follow James Redford, a renowned filmmaker, as he highlights innovators and changemakers in cities such as Buffalo, Georgetown, and New York. In the film, he seeks to discover the state of clean energy in the country. At the film’s focus, he asks if we can produce enough clean energy to replace fossil fuels. He showcases various renewable energy solutions with the potential to make the future brighter and better.

Also, he highlights his views on this polarizing issue. Through humor and compelling characters, he brings together politicians, activists, and executives. He pinpoints real and actionable solutions to energy issues facing America and the whole world.  Happening seeks to find hope for our survival.

9. Planet of the Humans

This is one of the recent renewable energy documentaries that you will enjoy watching. It is available for free on YouTube. This environmental documentary was released in 2019. Jeff Gibbs is the director, while Michael Moore is the promoter. The latter also acted as the executive producer.  

This film examines decision-makers such as environmentalists, politicians, wealthy families, and corporations fighting to save the environment. It looks at the issues of expanding societies leading to depletion of resources and whether green energy can solve this problem.

It also questions whether renewable energy sources ghostwriter bachelorarbeit are as renewable as portrayed. However, the film has garnered criticism from scientists and environmentalists who labeled it as misleading and outdated.

10. Years of Living Dangerously by James Cameron

Oscar-winner director James Cameron brings another nine episodes documentary showcasing how global warming affects particular regions. The celebrity guests included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jessica Alba, Don Cheadle, Harrison Hayes, Chris Hayes, and many others.

As you watch the documentary, it will shift your attention to the effects of global warming. The documentary shows real people whose lives have been affected by adverse weather conditions. It shows people who have lost their houses due to hurricanes or firefighters risking their lives to fight fires.

Episodes portray the effects of the rising sea level, water scarcity, historic flooding and droughts, and the rapid rate of extinction for some species. Also, they focus on solutions to these problems. The cited solutions include cheap and available solar energy, wind energy, and electric cars. The gripping series will keep you glued to the screen as it focuses on real people.

Climate change calls for everyone to stay informed and educated. This is one way of helping to combat this problem. Energy demands increase the world’s reliance on fossil fuels, which leads to global warming. Renewable energy can help alleviate dependence.

Types of alternative energy include water, wind, biomass, and solar energy. Solar energy is useful in powering homes, and it is easy to have on your premises. As you watch these informative solar energy movies, you can explore ways you can do your part to save the environment.

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